What do I do... when my dog pulls?

What do I do... when my dog pulls?

Subtitles and Meny Languages: Português, Spanish, English, Deutsch, Italian
Audio Language: English

Turid Rugaas

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"I image a place where people take their dogs for walks with reciprocal pleasure: in urban traffic with harness and loose leash, free of leash in the park, the woods and fields. No shouting and scolding but a happy atmosphere of mutual understanding between dog and owner and a friendly tolerance with the other people".

Subtitles and Meny Languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Português
Audio Language: English
Run Time: 56 minutes
All the footage of this DVD has been filmed during Turid Rugaas´s seminars and camps all over the world.

Copyright 2007 Turid Rugaas and Haqihana.
All rights under copyright reserved

  • Peso DVD
  • Ampliar informacion Versión Origina en inglés con subtítulos en castellano y portugués
  • Características 56 minutos. Versión original en inglés subtitulada en castellano (otros idiomas disponibles)
  • Editorial Haqihana
  • Formato DVD
  • ISBN 88-89006-09-1



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