Man and Dog. An evolving partnership

This documentary is parta of the series "The nature of things" presented by David Suzuki and produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Raymond y Lorna Coppinger

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"All breeds of fogs trace their ancestry back to a common wolf like creature that lived some twelve thousand years ago. But what was it that lead to the growth of an extraordinary array of different prodigy. It´s a fascinating genetic puzzle. Some experts suggest that the first and most decisive steps towards domestication were taken not by people but by the dogs themselves. We´ll follow the research of the noted animal behaviorist Ray Coppinger, who has spent a lifetime  studying the dogs conflicting drives towards domestication and the call of the wild."

50 minutos
Em Inglês

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  • Características 50 minutos de duración
  • Editorial Haqihana
  • Formato DVD Pal 4:3
  • ISBN 978-888-89006-23-8



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